Monday, March 4, 2013

Well world, YES I am still alive. I have just been ignoring my blog for the past year or so. Since you least heard from my I have had  quite a few things happen. I graduated (kuddos for surviving BioChem, I took an online sales job, I lived with Mr. Right and his parents for the summer, I traveled to Ireland(blog coming to a nearby computer soon), Job Hunted (A LOT), started working for OSU, had a VERY large mass removed from my uterus, been very stressed (like 90% of the time), and have been contemplating my future (100% of the time). But the lastest news is that I have decided that because my Animal Science degree is too limiting and the Job hunting in this ridiculous economy stinks like yesterday's trash, to pursue a MASTERS DEGREE. Yes, I said it...going back to school. After only a year of freedom, the grass is not always green folks. But seriously I have decided that the types of career I genuinely see myself in are ones that I should probably have an Education degree for. Therefore the Oklahoma State University Ag Ed graduate department is currently recieving my application materials. I definitely feel good about this decision, however I now just have to figure out the logistics of how I can complete it and work at the same time, or get an assistantship! Keep your fingers crossed people, say a little prayer, and think happy thoughts, because I need them!! On a side note Big Dan (my father) had his seconde hip replacement today and so far is doing well, hopefully this means ski trip next winter! Until Next time, make beef your meat, have an eggcellent day, and put pork on your fork!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy New Year- It's been a While

So first off Happy New Year! I hope you are are doing well and sticking to your New Years resolutions. For me I try not to make to many un-realistic resolutions but I have vowed that one I am going to dedicate more time to my blog here on From Fence to Fork, and focus on my health and happiness. Update, I finished out last semester strong and I am now currently working on my LAST semester of college! With that comes the job search and so along with my numerous clubs and activities and working two jobs now I am dedicating myself to applying for industry careers. Many in this position are ripping there hair out and stressing intensely, however I know that all I can do is take the initiative and hunt and apply for careers I am interested in. God has a plan for everything and things happen for a reason. Faith is strongly guiding me in my many upcoming decisions but I keep reminding myself that no one graduates with their dream job. It is okay to change change careers, I am going to continue to grow and develop myself in a career, and graduation is not the end of your life, its just a stepping stone to a new adventure. Now with Yahoo's recent publishing that animal science (my major), agriculture, and horticulture are all worthless studies, I am honestly not afraid of the job hunt this year, nor should anyone else. I am extremely proud to have the education that I have and I know that there will ALWAYS be a demand for skilled people who have been trained and are involved in feeding the world. Yahoo, you can go fly a Kite and maybe after that go do some more research but your article has not diverted my career path nor anyone else's that I know of. So with that said, Keep Pork on Your Fork, Make Beef Your Meat, and have an Eggcelent day!