Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy New Year- It's been a While

So first off Happy New Year! I hope you are are doing well and sticking to your New Years resolutions. For me I try not to make to many un-realistic resolutions but I have vowed that one I am going to dedicate more time to my blog here on From Fence to Fork, and focus on my health and happiness. Update, I finished out last semester strong and I am now currently working on my LAST semester of college! With that comes the job search and so along with my numerous clubs and activities and working two jobs now I am dedicating myself to applying for industry careers. Many in this position are ripping there hair out and stressing intensely, however I know that all I can do is take the initiative and hunt and apply for careers I am interested in. God has a plan for everything and things happen for a reason. Faith is strongly guiding me in my many upcoming decisions but I keep reminding myself that no one graduates with their dream job. It is okay to change change careers, I am going to continue to grow and develop myself in a career, and graduation is not the end of your life, its just a stepping stone to a new adventure. Now with Yahoo's recent publishing that animal science (my major), agriculture, and horticulture are all worthless studies, I am honestly not afraid of the job hunt this year, nor should anyone else. I am extremely proud to have the education that I have and I know that there will ALWAYS be a demand for skilled people who have been trained and are involved in feeding the world. Yahoo, you can go fly a Kite and maybe after that go do some more research but your article has not diverted my career path nor anyone else's that I know of. So with that said, Keep Pork on Your Fork, Make Beef Your Meat, and have an Eggcelent day!

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